WooCommerce checkout fields prefilled with data from a previous user

We started to doubt a customer’s sanity when they said that they were seeing name and address information already populated in their WooCommerce checkout. Even weirder, it was contact information for somebody else. Come to find out that their default hosting options had aggressive caching running and the site was caching every page, including these … Read more

A Rose By Any Other Name….

As we’ve stated before. Selecting a domain name is extremely important. A recent situation with a customer pointed out a corollary to this: Make sure you grab similar .com domain names while you’re registering your domain name. In this particular situation, the customer had a two word domain name. The second word was plural, the … Read more

Woodworking Business

We were recently asked to look at a woodworking site. The quality of woodworking capabilities that was displayed was amazing, but unfortunately the site was not doing these artists any good.

The site wasn’t bad, but it needed a lot more content. If you turned off the images on the site, you had no idea what is was that they did. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the search engines are blind when it comes to pictures.

Read more

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