Website Psychiatrist WordPress Workshop

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Learn to build a functioning website that you control using WordPress

Tired of having no control of the site you paid for and own?

Get Control, Enjoy Choices

Are you frustrated and irritated at delays from designers for even the most simple requests?

Learn why doing it yourself is far easier and a lot less hassle and a lot less expensive than relying upon a website designer.

If you would like more control and better choice over your website, then this course may well be for you.

Websites have changed dramatically

Websites and what we can do with them and how fast we can do it have changed
dramatically. The control that once was the fiefdom of websites builders
and designers is now in the hands of the websites owners themselves, if
they so choose!

But having that control comes with a few problems of its own making: what to do with this control and how to do it well.

Introducing Website Psychiatrist WordPress Workshop

What this workshop does:

Removes the Gobbledygook

It used to be that to create a website you needed to know HTML and PHP (jargon of the design techies.) That isn’t true anymore. This workshop will show you how to create and control your website without knowing all the gobbledygook. That is the realm of how it used to be done.

Teaches you how to do the necessary stuff

The problem of learning all this stuff and arcane language is gone and instead all you need to learn is how to get your content into WordPress and it does all the rest. NO heavy lifting for your and no anxiety over code, syntax, computer speak. None!

Gives you control over your design

But design and good design still needs to be present within the pages of your website. You can learn how to do that yourself or pay for what you want. However, with this course you will still have control over that design. You are never at a dead end as to a simple upgrade path for your site.

Gets you consistent, powerful results

The problems of having to make design changes or fixes, editing copywriting materials, sales pages, graphics and plugins can all be achieved with simplicity.

With the Website Psychiatrist WordPress Workshop you are going to be able to produce consistent and powerful results.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Work with WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate the system of the dashboard
  • Learn where everything is located on the dashboard
  • Locate where are important parts are parked in the dashboard
  • Understand the sequence of what to click when to click it
  • See your results from your work immediately
  • Learn how to control text, formatting, and headlines
  • Learn how to install plugins
  • Learn how to control images and text within your pages
  • Learn how to create headers, bodies, and footers
  • consistently get the same results when using the dashboard
  • spot your missteps, errors, and simple mistakes
  • power and control to fix these problems right away – no waiting for someone else to get rid of your anxiety unless you want too!
  • You’ll even learn how to use the kitchen sink

Working in the “Safe Zone”

Work at an enjoyable pace and with a “Safe Zone” that allows everyone to get it wrong or right or half right and wrong and then learn what the steps are to fix the mistakes.

Classes and workshops often can be intimidating if you think too much about them. This class is designed to remove any intimidation factor at all.

You don’t have to worry about getting something wrong. Hey, that’s how we really learn, by making mistakes, correcting those mistakes, and then trying again.

The “Safe Zone” is part of your guarantee, so no worries.

Getting your questions answered


Yep! There is going to be lots of questions. How are we going to answer them without interrupting the work that is to be done in the class?

Introducing the “Parking Deck”

As involved questions arise, we’ll put them on a white board called the “Parking Deck”. We’ve allocated a specific section to address them all together.


Because we don’t want to interrupt the time designated to specific areas of learning. This way all individuals will get their questions answered without disrupting the rest of the class.

You will achieve this in a day of relaxed learning, that might even be fun, too. No questions will be left behind. Time at the end of the day is allocated to address any “parked questions” that occur.

How the workshop can really help

  • Save time, work on your website when you want to.
  • See what to do and how to do it by step by step.
  • Find out just what the pages are that are essential to your site.
  • How to set these pages up so that editing them is a breeze.
  • Get the scoop on how to create structure that is adaptable to your growing and changing needs with your site.
  • Organize your content in simple chunks for your visitors benefit.
  • Use this information to attract your ideal customer.
  • Provide relevant timely information that you can update regularity with fuss or bother.
  • Learn to upload what you want and control what you do with it.

Website Psychiatrist WordPress Workshop is designed to:

  • Build a site that you can use to the purpose you intend.
  • Give control over the content you upload without hassles.
  • Provide a working familiarity with WordPress Dashboard.
  • Trouble shoot the most basic issues that you will come across.

What’s different about the Website Psychiatrist WordPress Workshop?

  • It’s a live class.
  • You will be taught by seeing what to do and then working at doing it yourself.
  • Missteps and snafus can be seen and fixed.
  • Answers as to why and how to get it right are worked out in the group.
  • Of course there is always going to be live things that happen and a good time is to be expected by all.

Important reasons why you shouldn’t delay…

  1. May not even have a website and now is the time to get your site up and running at this introductory price.
  2. Site may be out of date, inadequate or even dysfunctional, doing you
    more harm than any good broadcasting to the world that hapless
  3. There is no risk due to the conditional guarantee that comes with the class.
  4. This is a great time to acquire simple skills and the confidence that those skills will bring when working online.
  5. Websites are changing and how they are used to bring in customers,
    make sales and build a culture or community around your brand are
    getting easier to use and control all the time.
  6. This is a great opportunity to get that control without the risk of trying to do it all on your own.

You’ll need a laptop that can connect to our WiFi network

This workshop is a step-by-step training using your own laptop and a wi-fi connection.


  • How to use and control the dashboard to build your pages and site
  • How to post content to your site.
  • How to edit your content.
  • How to upload images, content, video to your site.
  • Learn how plug-ins work and how to choose them.


  • WordPress and it’s ecosystem is always improving, our workshops keep current to the latest version of WordPress.
  • Learn to make the most of Gutenberg, the WordPress block editor that was introduced in WordPress 5 and continues toward the goal of “full site editing” (FSE).

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