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Delete Sale Prices in WooCommerce

Need to clean out a product file? Old crusty sale prices sitting around from 6 years ago? Run these mysql commands to make the nothing but a faint memory: DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = ‘_sale_price’;DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key… Continue Reading →

Low Cost Stock Photography

We can’t believe it’s been over 9 years since our original “Low Cost or Free Stock Photography sites“. It’s definitely time to update it. After all these years, we’re still using Deposit Photos, but we’ve added a few more low-cost… Continue Reading →

Drop multiple tables in mySQL / MariaDB

To start with. You can’t. Not directly, anyway. There is no “drop table prefix_%;”, so stop looking. This seems to be the easiest workaround that we’ve found based on information shared here. So here’s how we did it. For reference,… Continue Reading →

Allow SVG file uploads in WordPress

We love SVG files at Website Psychiatrist. Once you go to vector graphics, you’ll never want to go back to raster for logos and layouts. Problem is, WordPress, for security reasons, won’t allow SVG files to be uploaded. So if… Continue Reading →

Edit “Processing” Orders in WooCommerce

We have a customer where all of their items are variable products. As you can imagine, there ends up being requests to change sizes, colors, or other variations. Once they’ve paid for the order, the status of the order gets… Continue Reading →

Document Version Management Plugin

This definitely goes in the category of “Future Problems”. We don’t have anybody that would have need of this, but it sure looks like a very interesting plugin. From the WordPress plugin page: WP Document Revisions is a document management and version control… Continue Reading →

Cleaning Up Admin Bar Clutter

Does it frustrate you when it seems that more and more plugins and themes feel like their particular offering is so incredibly critical that you HAVE to have it front-and-center on your admin bar? What happens when too many plugins… Continue Reading →

WordPress 5.5 Released

From WordPress 5.5 is the second major release of 2020 and aims to include a navigation menus block, automatic updates for plugins and themes, a block directory, XML sitemaps, lazy loading, and update Gutenberg to the latest release version… Continue Reading →

Critical Vulnerability Exposes over 700,000 Sites Using Divi, Extra, and Divi Builder

Wordfence’s Threat Intelligence team discovered a vulnerability present in two themes by Elegant Themes, Divi and Extra, as well as Divi Builder, a WordPress plugin. Combined, these products are installed on an estimated 700,000 sites. This flaw gave authenticated attackers, with… Continue Reading →

Email to SMS Text

Need to send a text message via email? Say, for an order notification from your WooCommerce website? Easy enough….. If you know the secret domain names for emailing to text:

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