WooCommerce checkout fields prefilled with data from a previous user

We started to doubt a customer’s sanity when they said that they were seeing name and address information already populated in their WooCommerce checkout. Even weirder, it was contact information for somebody else. Come to find out that their default hosting options had aggressive caching running and the site was caching every page, including these … Read more

“Please enter an address to continue.”

Does your WordPress WooCommerce site keep saying enter address, while address has been entered already? You’ve probably used Checkout Field Editor to disable the country input field and are now confusing WooCommerce when it’s trying to process the order The validation message “Please enter an address to continue” normally shows when you are trying to … Read more

Responsive Grid Layout

We absolutely love where WordPress is going with Gutenberg, but on a recent project we discovered that there’s currently one glaring absence in the list of blocks: The ability to lay out a grid of content. Enter GenerateBlocks. A clean, fast, minimal set of blocks that allow you to create incredibly flexible responsive grids. Unlike … Read more

Delete Sale Prices in WooCommerce

Need to clean out a product file? Old crusty sale prices sitting around from 6 years ago? Run these mysql commands to make the nothing but a faint memory: DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = ‘_sale_price’;DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = ‘_sale_price_dates_to’;DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = ‘_sale_price_dates_from’; As with all database manipulation. Make sure … Read more

Low Cost Stock Photography

We can’t believe it’s been over 9 years since our original “Low Cost or Free Stock Photography sites“. It’s definitely time to update it. After all these years, we’re still using Deposit Photos, but we’ve added a few more low-cost image repositories. Yay Images has become indispensable to us over the last year, and we’ve … Read more

Document Version Management Plugin

This definitely goes in the category of “Future Problems”. We don’t have anybody that would have need of this, but it sure looks like a very interesting plugin. From the WordPress plugin page: WP Document Revisions is a document management and version control plugin. Built for time-sensitive and mission-critical projects, teams can collaboratively edit files of any format — … Read more

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