Getting creative with regex?

Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone (or something) looking over your shoulder when you’re crafting the perfect regex redirections. Meet Reg Ex 101. It’s an amazing online tool that will help you diagnose your regex statements and even step you through the logic that it used to debug your statement. We’re working on optimizing … Read more

Enlarge images without losing quality?

Deposit Photos is now offering a tool to double the size of any image. In playing experimenting with it, it doesn’t seems like it’s as awesome as they claim. Here’s the main sample they provide. When you compare their two images, it’s amazing. There’s fine detail that’s being extrapolated. Pixelated edges have become smooth. Here’s … Read more

WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version

It looks like this could be quite a handy tool if you’re stuck with an issue that can’t coexist with the latest version of WordPress. Source: WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version has the potential for becoming one of the best-loved plugins among those, who simply cannot update to the latest WP release. In … Read more

Handy tools for generating backgrounds

Need a gradient? (Also has color pickers, palettes, and swatches) Need a textured background? Specifically a triangle textured background? Or how about moving particles? Or wallpaper photos? Never have a boring background.

Gutenberg Navigation Blocks

We’ve discovered Gutenberg Navigation Blocks — and more importantly (for any of you beating your head against the wall) the fact that you have to INSTALL the Gutenberg Plugin (even though it’s part of WP core). Apparently Navigation Blocks are not currently part of core Gutenberg, and almost all articles that talk about Gutenberg Navigation … Read more

Tidy up that Media Library

We were working with a customer that had a ginormous media library. We found the “Media Cleaner” plugin and it worked like a charm. We removed over a gig of images and over 5800 entries in their media library. Be warned, it took FOREVER to run. But it seemed to do a perfect job. We … Read more

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