Website investigation tools

Granted all of this information can be gleaned by perusing the source code of a website, but sometimes you just want to know the answer without having to get gooky stuff on your paws. Or you’re on a mobile device that doesn’t have a “view source” option. Want to know what Content Management System a … Read more

Bash Terminal inside of WordPress

WPTerm by Jerome Bruandet. If you need to get to the command line, but don’t have SSH access, WPTerm will generate a bash terminal right in your WordPress admin. It can’t handle interactive functionality, so no editing files in the terminal. Aside from that, pretty much everything else can be done. So needless you say, … Read more

Embbed Wifi (and other) data in QR Codes

QR Codes can be populated with data other than URLs. The most intuitive examples are email addresses (mailto:[email protected]) and phone numbers (tel:+12125551212), as they match their HTML counterparts. There’s ways to encode calendar events and handful of different ways for contact information (see the article for those details) You can encode mapping information by using: … Read more

Getting creative with regex?

Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone (or something) looking over your shoulder when you’re crafting the perfect regex redirections. Meet Reg Ex 101. It’s an amazing online tool that will help you diagnose your regex statements and even step you through the logic that it used to debug your statement. We’re working on optimizing … Read more

Enlarge images without losing quality?

Deposit Photos is now offering a tool to double the size of any image. In playing experimenting with it, it doesn’t seems like it’s as awesome as they claim. Here’s the main sample they provide. When you compare their two images, it’s amazing. There’s fine detail that’s being extrapolated. Pixelated edges have become smooth. Here’s … Read more

WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version

It looks like this could be quite a handy tool if you’re stuck with an issue that can’t coexist with the latest version of WordPress. Source: WP Downgrade | Specific Core Version has the potential for becoming one of the best-loved plugins among those, who simply cannot update to the latest WP release. In … Read more

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