Since our son has a peanut and soy allergy, I was trying to find the ingredients of Post’s Honeycomb cereal. Shouldn’t be that big of deal, after a quick search I found this page:,  and that’s where the fun began.

We were asked to review the site of a business that had grown in many directions over the years. The website as well as the business had developed Severe Dissociative Identity Disorder.

We were recently asked to look at a website of a furniture store. The site was very attractive, but it wasn’t generating any interest for the owner. We took a look at it and found a few things that concerned us.

Are you a web site owner looking to discover how to increase your website traffic? Maybe you are a potential website owner researching what it takes to build a successful, reputable, well put together website? Maybe you have already spent a lot of money on a website, which receives lots of page impressions due to Continue Reading

As you develop or review your website, make sure that you’re not annoying your visitors by ensuring these 5 items have been addressed.

Okay, the title might be a little gruesome sounding, but I want you to think of that image. Don’t go into too much detail, all you need to do is convince yourself that the experience would be most unpleasant. When search engines send visitors to your site, they are coming in fast. One could say Continue Reading

Imagine that you need an obscure part from a hardware store (I know it’s not much of a stretch, but work with me.)

When one is preparing to build their website it is important to have the website geared towards only one subject. Not only will this help keep things appropriate for the reader, but it will help them not to be confused on what your website is about. Generating page views and an audience is important when Continue Reading

Does your website have a splash page? Why? Aside from annoying your visitors, what are you hoping to accomplish? Are you trying to awe you visitors with your amazing creativity and abilities? You’re completely missing the boat.