Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I really have a website by the end of the class.

A. Yes. By the end of the day, you’ll have a WordPress website up and running on your chosen domain name. We’ll have some pages, images and content posted to your site. More importantly, you’ll have done the work and understand it, so that you can continue on to build your site in whatever direction you choose.

Q. What does the Website Psychiatrist WordPress Workshop cover?

A. We’ll be doing the whole range, including:

  • Initializing WordPress
  • Learning the Dashboard
  • Creating pages and posts
  • using sidebar widgets
  • Installing pictures and videos
  • using plugins to get WordPress to do what you want it to do

By the end of the day, you will have a good handle on what you can do with WordPress and a functional website with which to extend your abilities.

Q. What does a Website Psychiatrist do?

A. Website Psychiatrists help you and your business is to either review your existing site, or support you while you build a new site. There’s a lot to get right in building a website and it’s easy to lose your focus. A Website Psychiatrist can help you get your web strategy on target.

Q. Why Psychiatry? What does that have to do with websites?

Like traditional Psychiatry, we analyze the situation and prescribe treatment to make your website as healthy and as productive as possible. Many times websites are unhealthy and “visitor hostile” simply because an uninvolved third party did not evaluate the site and it’s purpose. Unfortunately many web developers get caught up in the visual attractiveness of a website and completely ignore the intended purpose for that site. We are here to help ensure that every website can live up to its calling.

Q. If I’m a developer, why would I want my customers to attend your workshop? Doesn’t that put me out of a job?

Just because somebody owns a hammer, doesn’t mean that they don’t need somebody to build their house for them. Our workshops can help your customers become more comfortable using the website you have built for them. We can also tailor our workshops to cover only areas that you would like them to be educated in.

Q. Are you really Psychiatrists?

No, but we play them on TV.

Q. If you’re teaching website development, why isn’t your website prettier?

A. We like to think of it as uncluttered. There are a lot of websites out there that could be called “extremely pretty” but do they actually accomplish the purpose that the site was designed to do? Ultimately, a site’s value is judged of if it does it’s job. Pretty sites win awards, functional sites make money.

Also, as an example to our Website Psychiatrist WordPress Workshop attendees, this site is built 100% from existing plugins and themes. We’ve intentionally not modified a lick of code or a single style sheet so that our attendees know that they too can build usable websites without knowing php or css. This site will always be maintained using off the shelf plugins and themes and using images created with minimal image manipulation.

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