Embbed Wifi (and other) data in QR Codes

QR Codes can be populated with data other than URLs. The most intuitive examples are email addresses (mailto:[email protected]) and phone numbers (tel:+12125551212), as they match their HTML counterparts.

There’s ways to encode calendar events and handful of different ways for contact information (see the article for those details)

You can encode mapping information by using: geo:40.71872,-73.98905,100

The encoding started us on this QR Quest was the ability to encode WIFI details.


So, for example, if you enteredWIFI:T:WPA;S:My Network;P:MySecret;; at https://qrd.by/qr-code-generator-svg, you’d generate this code, which will tell your phone that it’s information about a WIFI network.

Source: https://github.com/zxing/zxing/wiki/Barcode-Contents#wi-fi-network-config-android-ios-11

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