Website investigation tools

Granted all of this information can be gleaned by perusing the source code of a website, but sometimes you just want to know the answer without having to get gooky stuff on your paws. Or you’re on a mobile device that doesn’t have a “view source” option.

Want to know what Content Management System a site is running? What CMS Is This Site Using? can give you the breakdown of what CMS and eCommerce solution a site is using along with other interesting information.

Once you know a site is running WordPress, you can check What WordPress Theme is That? and it will not only give you the theme information, but it can also give you a pretty good overview of what plugins are being used. The plugin list is by no ways complete, but it will at least give you an understanding of the web developers underlying mindset.

Well, whaddayaknow, you CAN view browser source code on a phone. Although, it’s really, really small. Just prepend “view-source:” to your URL. Thanks Kudadam! We always wondered about that.

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