Woodworking Business

We were recently asked to look at a woodworking site. The quality of woodworking capabilities that was displayed was amazing, but unfortunately the site was not doing these artists any good.

The site wasn’t bad, but it needed a lot more content. If you turned off the images on the site, you had no idea what is was that they did. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the search engines are blind when it comes to pictures.

Their content needed to describe what it is was that they did and what it is that they do differently. More detail on the designs and possibilities. More detail on quality of of the work that they does.

Seeing the amazing work that they do, they should have been relying heavily on showing previous projects and especially testimonials from customers.

Tragically, the only page that had any amount of text on it was one page about some of the special equipment that they use. Since that encompassed most of the text on their site, the search engines probably catalog the site as a manufacturer or distributor of the equipment, not artists that use the equipment.

This site also had a link to a glowing article about them. This article went into detail as to what they did. We recommended that they include the text of the article on their site. You never know when an article will go away. Plus, there was all that wonderful text about what they actually did that needed to be on their site. It was doing them no good to have it as an outbound link.

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