A Rose By Any Other Name….

As we’ve stated before. Selecting a domain name is extremely important. A recent situation with a customer pointed out a corollary to this: Make sure you grab similar .com domain names while you’re registering your domain name.

In this particular situation, the customer had a two word domain name. The second word was plural, the first word wasn’t. In this situation people tend to make the first word possessive when discussing the business (or for the intent of this case study, plural).

What happened is that they owned SinglePlural.com, but everybody discussed their business as PluralPlural.com.

In this case, they really should own SingleSingle.com, SinglePlural.com, PluralSingle.com, and PluralPlural.com.

We were able to grab a couple of the derivatives for the customer, but now they’re going to have to deal with a cyber-squatter who owns of the the derivates of their trademarked name. They could have saved themselves a lot of time and money had they registered all of the natural derivatives of their company name.

Learn from their experience!

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