Handy Method To Add Content

One of the most important things you can do for your website is to generate lots of new and relevant content. Tragically, the one thing that is ignored by most websites is generating new content.

You may not realize that you’re generating content every time to speak. If you’re doing a podcast, making a presentation, or just instructing a customer or employee, you’re generating content.

Too bad all of that content that you generate is single use…. but no longer!

If you’ve got spoken content, you can use that as website content. Problem is, it’s a pain in the neck to get it from a recorded format into text.

No longer is that an issue. We’ve discovered, Sonix which is a very cool automatic transcription service. First 30 minutes of testing is free, so you can know it will do the job before you plunk down any money.

It appears to do quite an excellent job of transcribing, and it seems like it can learn and improve over time.

It can also separate out by speaker and timestamp each paragraph, which might come in real handy for creating closed captioning.

And it does a bunch of languages too. So you can get creative and record any language and use an online translation tool to get an english text version of that information.

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