How does your WordPress server stack up?

Posted February 15, 2013 By Mr.3

Just found an extremely handy tool. We are assisting a new client and their WordPress install just seemed sluggish. We weren’t sure if we were imagining things or just being impatient. As we like to say: “There’s a plugin for that”, so after searching we found a plugin simply and aptly titled “Benchmark” by Mark Maunder.

These are the results we got after running “Benchmark”. I’d say we weren’t imagining things.

Your System Industry Average
CPU Speed: 2,319 BogoWips 20,410 BogoWips
Network Transfer Speed: 3.99 Mbps 8.94 Mbps
Database Queries per Second: 162 Queries/Sec 1,354 Queries/Sec
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Nothing like trying to get some images ready for a social media site and not remembering what size it’s supposed to be (this week).

Now, in one handy location, A complete list of every (important) social network’s image dimensions!

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Use visual editor for widgets!

Posted December 14, 2012 By Mr.3

One of our few disappointments with WordPress is that the Text Widget is pure HTML. That makes it really hard to turn over any sidebar text for the end users to manage. Here’s a plugin to make that worry go away: Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

This plugin simply creates a widget called “Black Studio TinyMCE” and when the widget data is edited, it opens the standard WordPress page/post edit.

Now if there was only an easy way to add table data into a post…

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A Powerful Point about SOPA and PIPA

Posted January 18, 2012 By Mr.3

You hear everybody talking about the dangers of SOPA and PIPA, but Wikipedia has taken it a step further and gives us all a vivid example of what the internet could look like if SOPA and PIPA are enacted. Wikipedia has shut down the english language encyclopedia for a 24 hour period.

I never realized how much I use Wikipedia until today. Makes me think I really should get around to donating to the Wikipedia project.

Wow. WordPress, too! Let’s hope these acts get the point across and stop SOPA and PIPA.

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Handy Plugin – Proper Network Activation

Posted November 18, 2011 By Mr.3

Ever had a plugin that worked wonderfully in “single site” WordPress, but when switching to multi-user mode (WPMU), it doesn’t work on any other site than the initial site? Here’s why. And even better “there’s a plugin for that!” This handy plugin will make some of those stubborn plugins work beautifully under WPMU.

From the plugin’s page:

When running WordPress MultiSite, you have a very handy feature called network activation. It allows you to activate a plugin for the entire network of sites. The trouble is that it only does half the job.

Some plugins have an install procedure that is meant to be run only on activation. However, when you do a network activation, that install procedure is only run for the current site. So, you end up with plugins not working properly on all the other sites.

What this plugin does:

  • when doing a network de/activation, it triggers the de/activation hook on all sites in the network
  • when creating a new site, it triggers the activation hook for all active network plugins on that site


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Alternative to EventBrite?

Posted November 2, 2011 By Mr.3

Stumbled across an interesting possible alternative to EventBrite. It’s called “Event Expresso“, and it looks like it can be a completely self-hosted equivalent to EventBrite. In some ways, it may be more trouble than it is worth, but if you run a number of paid events through EventBrite, it will definitely be cheaper to buy and host your own version of Event Expresso, rather than paying EventBrite’s transaction fees. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Minuteman Press in Stow, OH offers one of the best summaries of how color affects buyers:

Whether you know it or not, your buying decisions are oftentimes based on color. The next time you’re looking at an advertisement or packaging for an item you’re considering, pay special attention to the colors you see. Observe how those colors make you feel. Once you understand the effects of color on buying habits, you can make marketing decisions based on that knowledge. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Adding video to a website can make it easier to get your message across. Nowadays you can record video on many handheld devices. Unfortunately, many times there’s additional material in your video clip that is unnecessary and distracting. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Beat Techozoic Fluid into Submission

Posted May 18, 2011 By Mr.3

One of our favorite off the shelf themes is Techozoic Fluid. It is extremely customizable and very easy to use.

Every once in a while we come across something that we wish Techozoic Fluid could do and we’ve found the author of the theme to be very accommodating. We’ve seen many of our suggestions and requests incorporated into the theme. Read the remainder of this entry »

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Low Cost or Free Stock Photography sites

Posted May 14, 2011 By Mr.3

When developing a website, it’s always very handy to have stock photography to work with. Problem is, the starting costs at big-name stock photography sites can be $20-$50. If you’re searching for that perfect image for an ad campaign, it’s worth every penny. If you’re looking for some filler images for your website, that can get quite expensive quickly.

Here’s where “Microstock Photography” comes to the rescue. Listed are some less expensive stock photography sites that we’ve come across. We’ll catalog them as we use them. At the bottom of the list are sites we’ve stumbled across but haven’t actually used yet. Read the remainder of this entry »

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