Websites need to be more than pretty

Are you a web site owner looking to discover how to increase your website traffic? Maybe you are a potential website owner researching what it takes to build a successful, reputable, well put together website? Maybe you have already spent a lot of money on a website, which receives lots of page impressions due to constant traffic and paid for trafficking help. Yet you have made little to no sales? Or maybe no actual site activity? What could be the problem? Well the problem could “simply” be down to the actual page design of the website itself. What makes a website design user friendly?

When running a business website, they key is not to have the most attractive website out there, nor to have a website that’s just like everyone else’s, but simplicity is the key.

You have to remember when you are running a website which relies on making profit from connections with other people; the focus is not to create what you want in a website, but what they would want.

The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is the number 1 critical component in creating a successful website. A navigation bar shows your customers where to go to look up your company’s information, how to use your services and website, along with direction to shopping, orders, payments, registrations, etc.  But do not over create a navigation bar, a really long navigation bar is frustrating and makes specific sections harder to find.

A navigation bar should be short, only linking to the general most important areas of your website to your customers. “Not what you would feel is important, what your customers would.” Make sure this navigation bar is located clearly and largely in directional easy to view sections of your home page.


If payments are a function on your website, a customer must feel that purchasing from your website will get them exactly what they want, the existence of internet scams is real and thus customers are careful where they give their personal information.

Because of this trust issue, your website should have a thorough web page explaining what your company is, what you do, where you are located, what your contact information is, where you are licensed, along with exactly how payments are made and services are carried out.

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