Tidy up that Media Library

We were working with a customer that had a ginormous media library.

We found the “Media Cleaner” plugin and it worked like a charm.

We removed over a gig of images and over 5800 entries in their media library.

Be warned, it took FOREVER to run. But it seemed to do a perfect job. We couldn’t find any pages with broken images. So we’ll take a long processing time to ensure an excellent job. ‘Cause remember, if you rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.

Bonus tip. Since the process takes so long to run, we ran the investigation phase, then ran a backup of the site before we had the plugin purge all of the orphan images. That way, you don’t risk restoring a backup that could be 8-12 hours out of date.

“Thank you” to Jordy Meow for such an excellent plugin!

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