Rocket Past Your Competition Using WordPress

WordPress is, by far the heavy hitter in open source content management systems (CMS). With a WordPress CMS all the power of a world class online presence is delivered, stable and at a click of a button. Not only does WordPress provide the ultimate in content management it also is highly extensible using a myriad of freely available plugins for your site. Everything from event calendars to photo galleries can instantly be integrated into your web presence giving you new ways to interact with your target audience.

A CMS like WordPress puts all the know-how of best practices, ease of management & distributed authorship in your hands instantly. You can setup authors, editors, administrators even engage with your visitors via comments per post. These features along with many others provide an excellent industry standard way to manage your content without the costly up-front expense of development, testing and deployment. Here are a list of just some of the cool features WordPress provides:

Full Standards Compliance: WordPress generated code produces content that adheres to the W3C standards. This provides the maximum benefit of browser interoperability with both the latest and greatest browser and support for older browsers as well.

No Rebuilding: WordPress changes the game when it comes to rapid software development. Changes are instantly available. No rebuilding and redeploying the site just update, save changes and you are done. The changes are reflected instantly.

Pages: With the pages feature you can easily manage non-blog related content such as contact information, hours of operation or services list. The pages are fully customizable and even skinable so you can ensure a unique uniform design for the look and feel of your site.

WordPress Links: A huge driver in search engine optimization (SEO) is of course link maintenance. WordPress makes this administrative task a breeze. Just open the administration section, select, create, manage and maintain all your link lists in one location.

WordPress Themes: In order to provide a unique presence on the internet WordPress has a feature rich theme system which streamlines the design of your unique look and feel. Even the smallest blog can appear professional and unique within seconds. There is a huge selection (1000’s) of fully customizable themes. These themes are placed in a queue so you can instantly change your look and feel for holidays or whatever your need is.

Full Trackback and Pingback integration: Nothing moves you faster up the search engine ladder than links back to your site. The faster you build your link network the better. WordPress offers a simple way to manage those cross-blog links without having to track them in a separate tool.

These features and many others make WordPress a powerful resource to get a great start on a blog. Now go produce some killer content.

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