Cleaning Up Admin Bar Clutter

Does it frustrate you when it seems that more and more plugins and themes feel like their particular offering is so incredibly critical that you HAVE to have it front-and-center on your admin bar?

What happens when too many plugins start vying for that precious real estate? You end up with a cluttered, wrapping admin bar that will make you bonkers.

Themeskills has a great tutorial on how to tidy things up using the “Add Admin CSS” plugin. Unfortunately with such a generic name, you’ll be hard pressed to find “Add Admin CSS” using the “Add New Plugins” search in your WordPress dashboard, so just save yourself some grief and grab it here: Once you have “Add Admin CSS” installed, simply follow Themeskills excellent directions and you’ll be on your way to Admin Bar Nirvana.

One thing Themeskills did overlook: The “Add Admin CSS” only allows you to clean up the admin bar when you’re in the dashboard. You also have to make the same css changes in “Additional CSS” in the customizer so that when you’re browsing your site, you’ll also enjoy the fruits of your extraneous-admin-bar-items-purging efforts.

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