Beat Techozoic Fluid into Submission

One of our favorite off the shelf themes is Techozoic Fluid. It is extremely customizable and very easy to use.

Every once in a while we come across something that we wish Techozoic Fluid could do and we’ve found the author of the theme to be very accommodating. We’ve seen many of our suggestions and requests incorporated into the theme.

An interesting feature of Techozoic is that you can make layers transparent to give a different effect to your pages. We got crazy on one site and turned off all background colors and images. There was some remaining lines and shadows, so we rang up our favorite theme coder and they provided us with this css snippet that we could install.

#headerr, #headerl, #header_top, #navmenu, #pagel, #pager, #footer, #footermain{
background: none;}

Another beautiful thing about Techozoic Fluid is that the author has put an area that custom CSS can be added into a safe area so that if you do custom the theme, your work will stay even after a theme update.

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