Wordfence update on WP-VCD WP-VCD is still infecting more new sites per week than any other active malware campaign. Even after publishing a paper on the campaign, Wordfence has yet to identify any meaningful change in the rate of new infections. And an excellent tip on monitoring your website: Periodically visit your sites from new devices and Continue Reading

The release of WordPress 5.3 brings even more functionality and features to the Gutenberg block editor. This is an exciting continuation of the path that WordPress started with version 5.0. We’re ecstatic to see this commitment to eliminating the mess that has been caused by the proliferation of page builders. The consistency that had been Continue Reading

Wordfence report on WP-VCD One of the most prevalent malware infections facing the WordPress ecosystem in recent weeks is a campaign known as WP-VCD. Despite the relatively long existence of the campaign, the Wordfence threat intelligence team has associated WP-VCD with a higher rate of new infections than any other WordPress malware every week since Continue Reading

Just found an extremely handy tool. We are assisting a new client and their WordPress install just seemed sluggish. We weren’t sure if we were imagining things or just being impatient. As we like to say: “There’s a plugin for that”, so after searching we found a plugin simply and aptly titled “Benchmark” by Mark Continue Reading

Nothing like trying to get some images ready for a social media site and not remembering what size it’s supposed to be (this week). Now, in one handy location, A complete list of every social (important) network’s image dimensions! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16zR402-MriVnvXcPk-1JpOUwwfAJvYGF16VBpNlkVH0/edit#gid=476246499

One of our few disappointments with WordPress is that the Text Widget is pure HTML. That makes it really hard to turn over any sidebar text for the end users to manage. Here’s a plugin to make that worry go away: Black Studio TinyMCE Widget. This plugin simply creates a widget called “Black Studio TinyMCE” Continue Reading

Ever had a plugin that worked wonderfully in “single site” WordPress, but when switching to multi-user mode (WPMU), it doesn’t work on any other site than the initial site? Here’s why. And even better “there’s a plugin for that!” This handy plugin will make some of those stubborn plugins work beautifully under WPMU. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/proper-network-activation/ From Continue Reading

Stumbled across an interesting possible alternative to EventBrite. It’s called “Event Expresso“, and it looks like it can be a completely self-hosted equivalent to EventBrite. In some ways, it may be more trouble than it is worth, but if you run a number of paid events through EventBrite, it will definitely be cheaper to buy Continue Reading

Minuteman Press in Stow, OH offers one of the best summaries of how color affects buyers: Whether you know it or not, your buying decisions are oftentimes based on color. The next time you’re looking at an advertisement or packaging for an item you’re considering, pay special attention to the colors you see. Observe how Continue Reading

Adding video to a website can make it easier to get your message across. Nowadays you can record video on many handheld devices. Unfortunately, many times there’s additional material in your video clip that is unnecessary and distracting.